About Us

At Just Hemp Foods, we’ve never backed down from a challenge.

Our determination and commitment to high quality hemp food products are what drive every decision we make.

Just Hemp Foods® offers the highest-quality product in the industry. Our commitment to you is that when you buy something with a Just Hemp Foods® label on it, you’re bringing home the highest quality and most nutritious hemp foods on the market.

We know how important your family’s’ health is to you. Good nutrition is within everyone’s reach, but your neighbourhood supermarket shelf is still something of a battleground.

That’s where we come in. Hemp’s delicious, nutty flavour and unbeatable health benefits speak for themselves, so we know you’ll love to add our hemp-seed products, like hulled hemp seed, toasted salted hemp seed, hemp oil and protein powder, to boost the nutrition of foods that you prepare yourself for your family, in your own kitchen.