KeHe 2015 Holiday & Product Innovation Show

By Tim Bonnar

Just Hemp Foods is back in Chicago, this time for the KeHE Holiday and Product Innovation Show. Our products are available from coast ­to­ coast on, but we are working hard to bring them to a store near you.

We were once again able to demo our oil products with bread from Publican Quality Breads. The show was great. We received some awesome feedback and we were able to connect with a number of interesting people. Ideally, these contacts will help us bring our hemp products to a store near you.

This trip also afforded us some downtime that we used to tour the town. Millennium Park was incredible! The Bean was ​very neat and we also had the opportunity to visit the Chicago Institute of Art as part of KeHE’s post­show wind up​.​ The Chicago Blackhawks won the cup while we​ we​re there too and hockey fever was in full effect leading up to the game! It was a very neat experience.​ ​I’ve attached a handful of pictures below, if you want to take a look at some of the sites we saw.

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