Why I believe in hemp

By Jeff Palmer

The first thing I ever read about hemp was that 1 acre of hemp could produce as much paper as 4 acres of trees…thanks Cypress Hill; that was almost 25 years ago. In high school my Aunt bought me a hemp bag which I still use today.

Throughout my Agriculture degree at the University of Manitoba I always questioned why hemp wasn’t grown for food, fabrics, and fuel. It is a superior plant in every way but I would soon learn that things in the world are not always done for the right reasons. Politics, greed, and a general lack of respect for mother earth all combine to create a horrible recipe. Place in the oven at 350 degrees for a few generations and the final baked good of these ingredients create industry that makes disposable products which require an exorbitant amount of resources to produce.

I’ve worked in food production, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and building materials. I now realize that this wonderful plant has the ability to provide solutions within all of these industries. I’m proud of past accomplishments but have always felt something missing in my career, something I haven’t been able to describe aptly in written form or verbalize. I’ve always questioned why things are the way they are in both my personal and work life. Some might say that I’ve never been satisfied with the status quo and am always looking for ways to improve; I would agree with those “some” people. I’m fast approaching 40 years on this planet and am blessed with a wonderful wife, three healthy children, and a life I have no right whatsoever to complain about.

Now I work within the burgeoning hemp industry and feel like this is where I belonged from the get go. I elect to be part of something sustainable, something home grown, something that I would share and promote with anyone willing to let me bend their ear. Most food options today are complex, preservative laden, and man made. Large food companies are some of the most powerful entities in the world, and the majority of said corporations produce food that could survive on the shelf through a nuclear war.

Hemp has been on the planet for thousands of years and its uses extend into the thousands as well. We specialize in hemp food and the uses within this space are abundant. Recipes in our household containing hemp are on the rise as we believe it’s an essential part of a complete nutritional package. We are teaching our children about proper diet and the message always focuses around the one core value which is simplicity.

Food should be simple and wholesome; hemp is both, and that’s why I believe in hemp.

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